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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

WHAT IS Acting coach?

Acting Coach brings actor support by connecting proven, vetted, Acting Coaches and Readers to a computer & smart phone user virtually instantaneously. We think of it as, “Uber for Actors”. An extremely engaging, practical and user-friendly user experience, Acting Coach offers not only the best resources from the acting industry (proven readers and acting coaches) but we bring Hollywood to you.

Brought to you by Jeremiah O'Brian. Jeremiah’s exceptionally diverse background – from gritty nuts-and-bolts firefighting to Film and Theater credits and accolades – is bolstered by his several graduate degrees, including an M.F.A. from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.



As with most highly-desired expertise, acting is one of constant refinement and improvement of talents and skills. As aspiring and professional actors know, however, finding the time and resources for credible, reliable, consistent and powerful acting rehearsal sessions with competent partners is difficult and, at times, daunting. Acting Coach resolves that for you.

Acting Coach also offers live-stream Reading, Coaching services and Coaching events and Interviews with industry professionals to further actors individual success.


How does it work?

1. Personal Information

·         1.1.I hereby authorize Acting Coach to process technical data related to my visit to the Acting Coach website and my personal data, including sensitive data, provided by me or collected during the registration process in accordance with the present Privacy Policy, during the period of my subscription with Acting Coach and after cancellation of my subscription during the period necessary for Acting Coach to comply with legal requirements.

·         1.2.I have not and will not provide any false information and/or documents to Acting Coach. Therefore, I recognize that Acting Coach has the right to, immediately and unilaterally, terminate the present agreement upon the slightest suspicion of forgery.

·         1.3.I allow all my data to be inspected by Acting Coach, randomly, resorting to any existing means for such effect. Notwithstanding, I am aware that it is not their duty to proceed with such inspection and said entities will not be considered responsible, either jointly or severally, in case of my unlawful conduct.


2. Cookies

·         2.1.I agree and authorize Acting Coach to obtain and store information automatically from my computer used to visit Acting Coach website (with use of cookies and similar technologies). Acting Coach may track the subscriber’s visit to the website by giving a choice to accept Cookies when entering. Cookies help to collect anonymous data by tracking user trends and patterns.


3. Collected Information

·         3.1.I agree and allow Acting Coach to collect, process and communicate to its processors, including the processors situated in countries not ensuring an adequate level of protection according to European Commission, the following types of data/information related to subscriber: information that the subscribers voluntarily provide to and/or authorize to view, such as names, email address, address, date of birth and other miscellaneous account information submitted through Acting Coach forms, number of visits and areas of Acting Coach pages visited by the subscribers. Software and hardware attributes might get logged, along with any other data that can be gained from the general internet environment, such as browser type, IP address, etc.

·         3.2.Chat communications, e-mails to Acting Coach Staff along with messages to Broadcasters . Acting Coach also keeps chat client logs with broadcasters for a limited period of time.


4. Usage of Collected Data

·         4.1.Actign Coach will use the data collected from the subscribers for mainly general purposes, such as improving services, contacting the subscribers, customizing the website content, research behavior patterns to improve the subscribers’ user experience and for promotional marketing purposes, to the extent allowed by law.

·         4.2.Acting Coach does not rent, sell, trade, share or otherwise transfer information to outside parties except the communication to Acting Coach and Affiliates Group companies and services providers in order to ensure the good functioning of Acting Coach services.

·         4.3. Acting Coach does not allow its broadcasters to record or capture the members’ personal camera feeds during face-to-face communication. Such action is prohibited on the website.


5. Data Protection

·         5.1. Acting Coach takes serious security measures to grant maximum protection to information against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of data. The subscribers’ details are always protected by highly sophisticated security system.

·         5.2.Acting Coach guards the subscribers’ information on electronic and physical levels.

·         5.3.Besides using its own security software and mechanisms, Acting Coach also incorporates the most advanced security technologies available in order to ensure maximum safety of its subscribers.

·         5.4.Acting Coach system meets the security standards of PCI DSS, a standard set by Visa/MasterCard laying down stringent requirements.

·         5.5.Acting Coach employee's access to any personal information of Acting Coach subscribers is extremely limited and they are bound by confidentiality obligations. Therefore, they might be subject to disciplinary measures, including the termination of their contracts and in serious cases even criminal prosecution should they fail to meet these strict obligations.

·         5.6.The subscribers may ask for confirmation of any personal information that Acting Coach process and ask for rectification of any incorrect personal data (such as date of birth). If the subscriber would like to oppose the processing of personal data by Acting Coach, he/she is entitled to cancel his/her subscription on Acting Coach at any time as described above.

·         5.7.Actign Coach, upon reception of the above mentioned request, will communicate the personal data concerning the subscriber to the email address provided during the registration process on Acting Coach. Acting Coach shall be held harmless in case the right, foreseen in the previous clause, is exercised and the personal data is lost or subject to unauthorized access.

By registering on the website you agree to the above mentioned.



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