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Los Angeles - New York 

Los Angeles, CA qualifies as the third richest city in the world thanks in large part to Hollywood and the 10.1 million people who live in LA County. L.A. is home to 225 theaters, the “Big 6” film studios, and roughly 108,640 SAG/AFTRA actors. Because of this and the fact that L.A. has two of the top ranked Universities for Theater, Film and Television - Acting in the country (UCLA is #12 and USC is #10 as ranked by the Hollywood Reporter in May, 2016), Los Angeles is a prime location of entertainment related work, attracting actors of all levels.

New York City is the perfect complement launch city due to how similar it is to LA. With 8.5 million residents, New York is the second wealthiest city in the US. Moreover, NYC is considered “the country’s most important art center” due to being home to countless museums, TV show productions and live shows, including Broadway. Acting universities in NYC include Pace School of Performing Arts (ranked 24th in the country), NYU/Tisch (ranked 4th), and the #1 ranked school in the country for performing arts, Julliard. It’s estimated that there are 18,963 actors in Actor’s Equity and roughly 28,963 in SAG/AFTRA.




Acting Coach is excited to welcome all actors and artists from the various disciplines all over the world. Many of the most exciting opportunities come from applying a combination of new technologies and trends in ways that have not been done before – producing creative, innovative solutions. Acting Coach strives to do this with a state-of-the-art mobile Live Chat and Live Stream ecosystems for Actors, so our reach is worldwide. In short, Acting Coach brings Hollywood to you.